Trip Report: Iceland

Iceland Road Trip Map for 11 day itinerary

Recently, you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing at least a picture of someone posing under the rainbow at Skogafoss, or sitting on the basalt columns at the black sand beach (I am guilty of both!). These pictures have fueled everyone’s wanderlust and boosted Iceland to the top of everyone’s bucket list – and for good reason. This island of Fire and Ice is known for its volcanoes, glaciers, and surreal landscapes that are best explored by car.  A road trip around the famous Ring road will allow you to see the whole country.  Regardless if you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice, you can’t help but feel in awe of this stunning country that is sparse and yet hauntingly beautiful.  It’s no wonder that Iceland welcomes over 2 million visitors to its shores each year, a number that has tripled in recent years.  Below is a breakdown of our 11 day itinerary and costs:

Woman in yellow jacket looking down on the black sand beach at Stokksnes

Looking down on the black sand beach at Stokksnes

  • Time Cost
    • Total Days in Iceland:  11 days
    • Total Days Off From Work:  6 days
  • Monetary Cost (in USD)
    • Flights: $ 350
    • Accommodation: $ 760
    • Transportation (including gas): $200
    • Food: $50 per person per day
    • Activities: $ 210
    • Total Per Person: $ 2,070

After spending a very memorable few days in Iceland for our honeymoon, I knew we would be back again.  Fast forward 8 years later and we planned a return trip, this time with our siblings in tow.  Planning a road trip for 7 people is not for the faint of heart, but we managed to make it work and even saw everything we wanted to see. Our days were jam packed with adventures – exploring stunning landscapes,  discovering hidden waterfalls, and soaking in hot pools. Even the horrible weather did not dampen our spirits.  Learning from our experience traveling around the island, I put together a few helpful blog posts to help you find the best places in Iceland and plan your own amazing trip.

Zodiac boat at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

Zodiac boat at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

  • Need some help figuring out what to pack for for Iceland? Check out my guest post that I wrote for Brics
  • This Iceland road trip itinerary comes with maps and recommended activities by day will help you plan your own trip
  • Iceland is known for its hot pools and waterfalls, these guides will help you find the best ones
  • Iceland is so photogenic, it’s not hard to put together a list of the 25 most Instagrammable places

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Iceland guide view of the town Vik from above    Iceland guide Black church with mountain background


6 thoughts on “Trip Report: Iceland

    • Thank you, we didn’t have time on our first trip as well, that’s why we decided to come back. But even the second trip we still miss out on the west fjords. Hopefully you can come back soon and explore the rest.

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