Sydney: Graffiti


Sydney, like many other great cities around the world, has some incredible street art.  The difference between Sidney and other cities is that they have a strict policy against graffiti.   For the past decade, the city has continually inspected “hotspots”and removed many great murals as they get made. The government has a zero tolerance for street artists, and it is against to law for anyone to sell spray paint to a minor. It’s also against to the law for a minor to have any graffiti tool in their possession, and violators will be fined heavily. The stakes are high for these artists who wander the Sydney streets at night armed with spray cans, wanting to express themselves.  Continue reading

Vienna: Opera House

Vienna’s State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) is one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.  It is the epicenter of Vienna’s rich musical history. Completed in 1869, the opera house opened its doors to the public debuting with Mozart’s Don Giovanni.  It is known for having one of the largest repertoires in the world, featuring 300 performances per year.  With over 50 operas and ballets each season, there is a wide selection for people who wish to immerse themselves in Viennese culture.


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Midnight at the Museum


One of the great things about living in New York City is that things are open late.  The grocery store at the corner stays open until 1 am, the drug stores are open 24 hours.  Once in a while, even the museums stays open over night.  Last  weekend was one of those instances where the MoMA decided to stay open all night to allow people the opportunity to see the Matisse cut-out exhibit before it closed on Tuesday.  Since it was my birthday weekend, Fausto was being extra accommodating and agreed to venture out with me.  We had a big cup of coffee to stay awake and headed over to the museum around 10:30 pm. Continue reading

Toronto: Nuit Blanche

Every year Toronto closes down streets in the downtown core area and artists from all over the world set up installations. Nuit Blanche is a contemporary public art project that happens one night a year in different cities around the world. From sunset to sunrise, the dark Toronto streets get lit up and transformed into a weird and whimsical world. The theatrical carnival of light, sound, and kept the population entertained. This year, even though the weather was chilly, people still came out in droves and the streets were flooded with pedestrians.

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New Orleans: French Quarter


Street performer on Bourbon Street.

The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and also the one most frequented by visitors.  We called it home for the duration of our stay in Louisiana.  The French Quarter is a mix of old and new, existing in perfect harmony.  Every corner is filled with art and music all day and night.  In addition to the many bars and art galleries, you’ll also see artists spreading out their wares on the street, hoping to catch the eyes of passersby.

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