Merry Christmas

xmas collage

Xmas collage of the photos from our trips around the world this year

 It’s almost the end of December.  Yikes, where did the time go? I feel like Christmas kinda crept up on me this year. It must be because we were in Australia for 3 weeks and it was boiling hot there most of the time.  Even with the Christmas music blasting and Santas everywhere, it’s not the same.  My brain just can not comprehend that we are only weeks away from the holiday season when I am wearing shorts and sandals. Either way, it doesn’t matter because I am back in Canada now and it’s nice and cold outside.  All is well with the world again and I can dive head first into this festive season.

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The Day I Shopped Again

I fell off the wagon.  On June first of this year I decided to forgo shopping in an attempt to curtail my materialistic urges.  I started out with the good intention as I abstained from buying anything except the bare essentials all throughout summer.  It was especially hard on my trip to Hong Kong, but I continued to hold out and determined to not be distracted by all the shiny things I see. When I finally gave in and bought a pair of shoes last week, I was disappointed in myself.


Pretty shoes

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