Tribes of Tanzania


Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world with over 120 different cultural tribes inhabiting the country.  Each of the tribes have their own distinct customs, traditions, and languages; but together they unite to form the country of Tanzania.  After its independence, the government recognized that all the diverse spoken languages could cause a communication problem, and therefore made Swahili the official language.  Even though most people can speak Swahili, in each tribe people still speak in their own mother tongue. On our trip to Tanzania, we got to visit two of these tribes: the graceful Maasai, and the Hadza bushmen and learn a little bit about their way of life. Continue reading


Day 4: On the Road in Ngorongoro


We visited the original Maasai tribe that still lives in the Ngorongoro conservation area.  While visiting the tribe, we learned about their culture and their way of life.  We were given a tour of their home, the market area and saw their famous jumping contests.  It’s interesting to learn about these people who live their life so completely cut off from modern civilization.

On the Road: Day 12 in Uluru


We arrived in Uluru today and it’s sweltering hot here in the desert. I mean sweat pouring off your face, hide in your room, 45 degrees Celsius hot.  In the late afternoon, we finally ventured out to watch the Wakagetti cultural dancers.  The dancers  performed authentic  Aboriginal dances passed down through the generations.