Sydney: Graffiti


Sydney, like many other great cities around the world, has some incredible street art.  The difference between Sidney and other cities is that they have a strict policy against graffiti.   For the past decade, the city has continually inspected “hotspots”and removed many great murals as they get made. The government has a zero tolerance for street artists, and it is against to law for anyone to sell spray paint to a minor. It’s also against to the law for a minor to have any graffiti tool in their possession, and violators will be fined heavily. The stakes are high for these artists who wander the Sydney streets at night armed with spray cans, wanting to express themselves.  Continue reading


On the Road: Day 2 in Newtown


This picture was taken in an alleyway in Newtown/Enmore, a suburb 15 minutes outside of downtown Sidney.  This hip area is full of eclectic shops, small sidewalk cafes, and lots of graffiti.  The relief sculpture of the skull with an acronym edged in was found all over town, this particular black skull against the flower petals is unique because it creates an interesting juxtaposition.