Photo of the Week: Top of the Rock

IMG_9337New York, New York

My sister came to visit this past week, which gave me the perfect excuse to play tourist in my own city.  One of the places that I’ve always wanted to go to, but never been is Top of the Rock.  From the observation deck, you can see all the way downtown with the Empire State Building front and center.  The pricey ticket of $32 per person will get you access to the top floors, or you can skip all of that and just go to Bar 65 for a drink.  The restaurant is only 2 stories down, with essentially the same view and no admission cost.  You can use the money you would have paid and get yourself a nice cocktail instead.  Sipping a spatini while you admire the New York skyline at sunset is probably not a bad thing to do. 

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My New York: Hudson River Park

I’ve struggled for two days writing this post.  I started with a thought and it quickly changed to something else and I am left with a draft full of hodgepodge ideas of what I want to write about New York.  It’s hard because there are so many things I want to write about this great place that we call home, but none of it fits together.  I have to learn to be patient, just like you can’t explore all the different nuances of this city in a day, I can not possibly do it justice in a single post.  So I’ve finally settled on sharing one of my favorite things about New York city with you, something that might not get mentioned in travel books.

Biking in New York

Biking in New York

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