Inle Lake: Boat Tour


The beauty of Myanmar’s Inle Lake is not limited to nature, but also draws from the relationship between the Intha people who derive their livelihood from this lake.  The village grows out of the water while the fish from within provide sustenance.  And now, the beautiful scenery is providing another source of income in the form of visiting tourists.  Surrounded by mountains on all sides , the lake in the middle is so clear and reflective like a big mirror. Continue reading


Day 4: On the Road in In Dain


We were fortunate to be visiting In Dain during a festival. People traveled from villages all over the Inle lake  region to congregate at the temple. Women got dressed up in their finest garb; men set up the family shrine and sat back and had drinks with their friends; while kids ran around in excitement.  The mood was festive.  As the afternoon approached, the sound of the drums got louder.  Monks from all around came and joined the procession going from the top of the temple down to the market area.  As they walked by, bowls of alms filled with rice are offered to the Buddhist monks, some of whom are quite young.

Day 3: On the Road in Inle


Today we headed north to Inle Lake, an area full of small fishing villages. While visiting one of the villages on the lake, we saw a procession of children.  School had just let out and they walked across the bridge to the dock where they waited to be picked up by boat to go home.  Like children everywhere, these kids were quite happy to be done with school for the day.