5 Things to do in Ngapali


Ngapali is a beach paradise, not unlike those of Thailand or Vietnam; the only difference is that it is still relatively unknown and uncrowded – at least for now.  It is easily accessible from the major airport hubs around the country like Yangon, Bagan or Mandalay via a short domestic flight.  This untouched destination is known for its crystal clear water, fluffy white sand and fresh seafood.  For more information on Ngapali beach, check out our other post.  Below are five things to do while you’re in Ngapali Beach. Continue reading

Getting to Know Ngapali


After traveling through Myanmar for 11 days, we were tired of temples and stupas and ready for some R&R at the beach. Ngapali is a sleepy fishing village that has not quite attained the international recognition the beaches in Vietnam or Thailand have. Its white sand and clear blue waters have cemented its status as the premier beach in Myanmar, however. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Ngapali beach is located about 7 km from the town of Thandwe. This idyllic palm-lined beach was found years ago by a homesick Italian reminiscing about Napoli.  The laid back vibe here makes it the perfect location for some peace and quiet to recharge for a few days before heading back to reality. Continue reading

Day 14: On the Road in Ngapali


On our last day in Ngapali, we paid a visit to the nearby fishing village where the local fishermen were just coming home from a night out on the sea. The catch of the day was quickly brought up on shore.  Here you can see fish laid out to dry under the hot Burmese sun. The market was just opening, and buzzing with people out to buy their food for the day.  In these remote villages,  it’s more common to buy fresh ingredients every day, instead of relying on the fridge. 

Day 13: On the Road in Ngapali


We were walking around the beach when we saw this little girl running around and playing on the rocks while her mom was busy selling trinkets nearby.  She stood out in her pink dress, running back and forth, full of energy.  When we got near, she became shy and hid behind her mom.  After we came over to say hi, she got over her shyness and once again started running around.  Here she is posing for me in a perfect jumping shot.

Day 11: On the Road in Ngapali


After traveling for 11 days, we were ready for some R&R at the beach.  Arriving at the beautiful Hilton Resort in Ngapali, we were pleasantly surprised that our status as a Gold member got us upgraded to a villa with a private pool facing the ocean.  This sleepy fishing village is everything that we could hope for, crystal clear ocean, fine white sand, and peace and quiet to recharge for a few days before heading back to work.