14 Things to do in Prague


I am not going to lie, I waited a long time to visit Prague. I had heard so many good things about the city that it was a big disappointment when my first impression did not meet my expectations.  It is true that everything there is as beautiful as the photographs, but something felt off.  The thing was, I didn’t think I was the only one who felt conflicted by the city’s beauty and frustrated by the hoards of tourists that seem to be everywhere.  I was overwhelmed by the vendors trying to make a few bucks off of a gullible visitor.  I remembered being on the phone with Fausto on the first night telling him how let down I felt considering how excited I was about going there. The whole thing just didn’t feel authentic.

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Day 6: On the Road in Prague


The very first thing we noticed in Prague was the music, ringing from every corner.  Everywhere you go, there are musicians playing their instruments or singing. Here you can see a circle of people congregating in Old Town Square listening and dancing to the troubadours playing festive traditional folk songs.