Random Thoughts: Countdown

Yikes!  Just saw my Inca Trail countdown goes from months to days…Need to step up my preparation. The UA Base 4.0 cold gear have arrived, I tried them on and they fit! Although, I have to say, they are not as warm as I thought they would be for something that’s advertised as “built to take on even the most brutal cold”. I hope I am wrong and these will hold up at night. I don’t look forward to freezing in my sleep.

Musings: Ghost Town

I always like the city on a holiday weekend. There are fewer people around, and all the New Yorkers have long gone to the Hamptons. The usual long lines have shortened and almost every restaurant is empty (except the ones in Time Square). It’s the perfect time to try that popular restaurant that everyone is talking about but impossible to get in. Every Memorial day, July Fourth, and Labor day weekend, New York turns into a ghost town, if New York can ever be called a ghost town.