On the Road: Day 14 on the Great Ocean Road


Three words: epic road trip. This morning we picked up our tiny car and made our way south on the Great Ocean Road.  This scenic route zigzags along the shore providing spectacular views of the coast.  The Australian coast line is full of jagged cliffs towering over the deep blue ocean. After a long drive, we ended our day at Port Campbell just in time to see the sunset over the Twelve Apostles.

California: Yosemite National Park


View of half dome from Glacier Point

A few weeks ago, while we were on the West Coast, we decided to rent a car and drive to Yosemite. It’s been awhile since we did a road trip in North America. We used to drive all the time to Canada, but due to the time constraints and cheap airfares, we end up flying for the most part now. I love road trips because I get to be the navigator. It’s very satisfying when you can figure out how to get from point A to point B. Mind you, it’s not too hard to do that here, but in a foreign country without a GPS, it’s a lot more fun.

Yosemite different from any park I’ve been to. For one thing, it’s massive, driving from one gate to another can take up to two hours. The scenery is breathtaking, from the majestic redwoods to the sheer cliffs at Taft’s point. Everywhere we looked, we were reminded that nature is magnificent and beautiful and we are a small speck in the grand scheme of things.

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Back to Reality

After two long weeks of resting and eating in Canada, I am ready to go home.  That feeling of restlessness in a small town is starting to set over me again and I want to hit the road. I am getting excited for our upcoming trip to San Francisco. We both went to the Bay City last year for a weekend on one of our mileage runs and fell in love with the area. We promised ourselves that we’d be back to explore more of the West Coast, so this time when Fausto had to go there for a business conference, I decided to tag along.


Golden Gate bridge in the fog

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