Photo of the Week: Sand

IMG_5642Mui Ne, Viet Nam

It’s hard to believe that this dessert is located next to the ocean in the tropical city of Mui Ne, Viet Nam. Mui Ne used to be a small fishing village but has blossomed into a full blown resort town full of upscale hotels.  Just down the street from all the new fancy resorts are the photogenic Red Sand Dunes. The contrasting warm sand against the cold blue sky makes for very pretty photos.

During our stay in this quaint beach town,  we decided to visit this natural attraction and go sand dune sledding. The minute you get out of the car, you are swarmed by the local children that compete to get your attention.  They want to guide you up the dune to the best spot to go sand sledding.  They also want to rent you the sled, which is nothing more than a thin sheet of plastic that you can sit on and hold for dear life as you slide down the hill. We spent an hour or two happily frolicking in the sand, taking turns rolling around and launching ourselves off of the hot dunes. This spot is frequented by many locals and foreign visitors.  As dusk approaches, people gather here to watch the last sun rays fall over the rippling sands.

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