Photo of the Week: Hill Tribes

IMG_2283Mae Hong Son, Thailand

This photo was taken on our trip around Thailand.  We visited the northern hill tribes near the northern city of Chiang Rai.  These indigenous people live the simple lives in remote villages where their livelihood revolves around farming and livestock. The tribes have been welcoming and hospitable to visitors, giving us the unique opportunity to see the ways of life which have been forgotten in the Western world. The tribes women are selling handmade crafts to help supplement their earning. This very happy lady was showing us her colorful bead work and insisted that I try on the traditional hat.

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Vienna: Browsing the Supermarket

It’s almost a given that everyone shops when they travel.  Whether it’s for colorful little trinkets, indigenous artwork, or ethnic clothing, we all have our share of stuff that we’ve brought back from each trip that we thought we couldn’t live without at the time, but never seem to use at home.  Somewhere along the way, we started to run out of room in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment so we switched gears.  Now when we go away, instead of buying knickknacks that take up space, we head to the local supermarket to buy our souvenirs.  I love perusing the aisles to pick out all the unique items that you won’t be able to find back at home.

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