Photo of the Week: Frozen

IMG_2082Thingvellir, Iceland

On our trip to Iceland, we had a car and drove around the Golden Circle.  One of the stops was at Thingvellir National Park in the south west.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the world’s longest running Parliament, first congregated in 930 AD.   At that time people gathered here from all over Iceland every year during the Commonwealth period. Now, Thingvellir is still considered to be the main meeting place for Icelanders, where they come together and and celebrate the most significant occasion in the history of the nation.

Aside from it’s historical significance, Thingvellir is also the land of many dramatic landscapes. Walking through the park, you can clearly see the rocky cliff of the largest exposed continental rift between the North American and Eurasian plates.   This picture is of the frozen Oxara river in the heart of Thingvellar.  The tundra landscape was as desolate as it was breathtaking. In late November, winter here is well under way, and we had to cover up in many layers just to stay warm.

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