Day 4: On the Road in Singapore


I felt like Alice in Wonderland, walking amongst the super trees in Singapore’s Garden by the Bay. The grove of 16 story-tall “trees” completely dwarf everything else around them.  These man-made structures are built on reclaimed land as part of an efficient green space project.  Each tree is surrounded by a steel skeleton that is used as the framework for planting various flowers, ferns and  other vertical climbers.  At the top are built in solar panels used as the main energy source to keep the structures lit at night.   These trees are as fantastical as they are practical and they are an iconic part of the city.


Photo of the Week: Trees

IMG_9155Harcourt, Canada

I am back in the city for a few days and already I miss Canada.  I miss the fresh air, the tall graceful trees surrounding our cottage, and all the sounds of nature.  The only thing I don’t miss are the armies of mosquitoes that viciously attack anyone that wanders outdoors.  This picture was taken with my new wide angle lens that I got a few months back.  During the late afternoon when the sun is low, the soft light streamed through the green leaves creating a glowing effect. 

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