Cheap Flight Alert: Toronto to Kilimanjaro

I just saw that KLM is having an airfare sale from Toronto, Canada to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for $1,000 per person, round trip including taxes.  If you are not from Toronto like me, you can probably find a cheap and flight your overall cost will still be lower than a regular priced ticket.  Climbing Kilimanjaro has not always been on my bucket list because 20,000 feet above sea level seems very intimidating.  Now, fresh off my success with the Inca Trek, I feel like I can conquer the highest peak in Africa as well. 

KLMThe KLM website is interactive and easy to use; you enter in the airport code and 10 months of airfare will show up so you can pick the best month that has the cheapest airfare.  Once you select a month, all the dates will show up for that month, again, allowing you to narrow down your choice.  Price varies depending on the month and day that you fly.  I love the fact that you don’t have to go back to the homepage to change the date just to see if the cost went down. This is the best airline website I’ve seen in terms of user friendliness.   The bonus is that KLM is a Dutch airline, so if you have a long layover in Amsterdam, you can always leave the airport and go spend a day in the city (and maybe have a few brownies).

This sale has a lot of travel date flexibility from now until 2015. If you’ve dreamed about going to Africa, now is a good time to do it. 



2 thoughts on “Cheap Flight Alert: Toronto to Kilimanjaro

  1. Searching for flights on a regular basis would probably be my first tip to those looking for flights – always be on the look-out. Many budget airlines like Air Asia and Ryanair hold last-minute sales that are only available for 48 hours so if you don’t always have one eye on the prize, you will risk missing out.


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