Day 4: On the Road in Rio


It’s our last day in Rio and the sky is still overcast and ominous looking.  We were excited to go hang gliding on this trip, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, we had to reschedule 4 different times.  Today was our last chance, and after waiting around for 3 hours, we were finally given the all-clear to head up the mountain.  Unfortunately when we got there, the wind picked back up and it was too dangerous to take off.  This picture was as far as I got to becoming a bird.  It was not meant to be.

This trip had it’s fair share of bad luck for us, starting with the canceled flight to the crappy weather, to the hang gliding.  Ironically, this was the hottest winter in Brazil and it only rained 4 times throughout the whole season.  Lucky for us, it rained all 4 days we were here.  I am not complaining, we had a great time bad weather and all, and Rio can only get better from here.  Time to head back to New York. 


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