Trip Report: Tanzania 2016-02-01 15-17-20

Close your eyes and imagine a wide open savanna.  On one side you see giraffes languidly grazing beneath an acacia tree. On the other, zebra trotting across the dusty road on their way to another pasture.  Off in the distance a herd of antelope prancing across the high grass.  Hidden somewhere out there are a pride of lions, patiently waiting for their prey. 


Being in Africa was like being transported to another time and place.  Things have remained unchanged for millions of years.  The environment nurtured the dichotomy between the hunter and prey, perpetuating the circle of life.  Watching lions rip into a zebra let you appreciate the rawness of the experience.  Travel is all about discovering those places that make you forget about home. Below is the breakdown of our trip to Tanzania:


  • Time Cost
    • Total Days In Tanzania: 10 days – 6 days on Safari, 4 in Zanzibar
    • Total Days Off From Work: 5 days
  • Monetary Cost
    • Tour: $1925 per person (pp) with Across Tanzania Expeditions.  The tour includes guide, car, food and luxury accommodation for the duration of the safari
    • Hotel: $165 per person for 4 nights in Zanzibar
    • Flight: $1,733.40 for return flights to Tanzania, $350 for domestic flight from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar
    • Food: $25 pp per day while in Zanzibar
    • Transportation: $50 pp for taxi to and from airport in Zanzibar
    • Tips: $60 pp
    • Miscellaneous: $ 25 pp for snorkeling
    • Total Per Person: $4,400


This was one of our most memorable trips – from the dusty safari to pristine beaches. We fell in love with Tanzania from the minute we set foot on her soil.  The country has a quiet, wild beauty that we haven’t found anywhere else. The short experience has made a deep impression on our travel weary minds and left us in awe and amazed at what we witnessed. To read more about our trip to Africa, click on the links below:

  • Figuring out the visa, flights and vaccinations can take time, start the planning process early
  • A few travel tips to help the planning process


  • If you love elephants, Tarangire is the place to be
  • Raw, uncensored nature can be found everywhere in the Serengeti
  • Check out the breathtaking scenery of the Ngorongoro crater
  • Meet some of the tribes of Tanzania


  • Spend a few days as a beach bum in Zanzibar



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