Trip Report: Bali

Bali is one of those places that sit at the top of everyone’s bucket list – and for good reason. The Island of the Gods is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, welcoming over 10 million foreign tourists to its shores each year.  This tropical paradise has lush green rice fields, misty waterfalls, turquoise blue water, and ornate temples – something for everyone.  It’s not hard to see why everyone who comes to its shores falls hopelessly in love with this beautiful island. 

Bali - Gateway to heaven

Gateway to heaven

While it’s true that Bali is a very touristy destination, there are still some places that haven’t quite caught on yet.  We spent the majority of our two week vacation in Ubud and the surrounding Nusa islands seeking out the Instagram-worthy sights. Below is a breakdown of our 15 day itinerary and costs:

Bali - Tegalalang rice terrace

Strolling through Tegalalang rice terrace

  • Time Cost
    • Total Days in Bali: 15 days
    • Total Days Off From Work: 11 days
  • Monetary Cost (in USD)
    • Flights: $505
    • Accommodation: $1,550
    • Transportation: $505
    • Food: $17 per person per day
    • Activities: $95
    • Total Per Person: $1,788
Ubud the cultural center of Bali

Temple in Ubud

Even though our trip to Bali was memorable for all the wrong reasons, we still had an amazing time, because how can you not when you’re in paradise right? The disastrous trip started with a malfunctioning drone that dropped out of the sky into the ocean and ended with an erupting volcano that stranded us on the island.  We were disappointed that we missed out on our boat trip to Komodo due to airport closures, but it only gave us more reason to come back and visit Bali again soon.  The places we saw and the people we met endeared us to Bali and even made us entertain the notion of making this place our permanent residence once we retire.

Secret beach in Nusa Ceningan

Secret beach in Nusa Ceningan


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