5 Villas with Private Pool in Bali for Under $125

Seminyak Villa

Before I even started planning for our trip to Bali, I knew that I wanted to stay somewhere special.  It’s Bali after all, and just any regular hotel won’t do.  Bali is all about luxurious villas with private pools precariously perched in the middle of the jungle or surrounded by rice fields.  Whether you’re looking for private pool or to-die-for view, Bali’s got it all for less than $125 USD per day!  Yes, you read that right. Continue reading


Photo of the Week: City-center

IMG_2436Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Every few years I go back to my hometown only to find that it has changed beyond recognition.  Vietnam has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, which has translated into more high rises and modern buildings. Although there is still one area that has remained the same, the main square overlooking City Hall. The familiar French colonial building with its bright orange roof is iconic in this ever-changing city.

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Photo of the Week: Sunrise

IMG_1930Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan captured my heart like no other place I’ve ever visited, and has cemented its spot at the top of my all-time favorites.  This place stirred up my sense of adventure as I hopped on my bike with map in hand to explore the forgotten temples peaking out from above the trees. As popular as it is, you can always find a peaceful corner, away from the crowds. Lying back against the broken ledge, staring up at the open sky, I felt a deep connection to this magnificent place. To read more about our visit to Bagan, check out this link.  

Every week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home.  Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the Follow button.

Trip Report: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

screenshot-secure.travellerspoint.com 2016-11-07 13-49-42

Our travel story usually begins with a cheap flight, and this one is no different.  A year ago, we saw a huge sale for flights from NYC to Singapore over the Labor Day weekend for only $550 USD.  Since we hadn’t been to Singapore before, and the timing worked out, we jumped at this opportunity. Once we started planning the trip, and realized that Kuala Lumpur was only a hop and a skip away, it made sense to combine the trips. Continue reading

Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves


The magnificent Batu Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia.  They are considered the most important Hindu temple outside of India, dedicated to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. Thousands of devotees and tourists from around the world make the pilgrimage to the caves each day, especially during the annual Hindu festival Thaipusam, that usually falls in late January/early February. The limestone forming the cathedral-like cave is said to be around 400 million years old. 

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6 Things to do in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur was added to our itinerary when we found out that it was only a short flight from Singapore.  It didn’t hurt that there are also frequent and cheap flights between the two cities.  We decided that a two day trip was just enough time to visit the Petronas Towers and to get a quick taste of the city.  Compared to the high-costs in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur is a great destination for budget travel, with cheap food and reasonably priced accommodations. Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Nightscape

IMG_6452Hong Kong, China

One of my favorite views of Hong Kong is from the top of Victoria Peak. The Peak, as it’s known locally, is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. From this vantage point, you can see the glittering panoramic view of the harbor, lit up by the surrounding skyscrapers. To get to the top you can either take the Peak Tram or a bus. The tram is more fun and a shorter direct trip to the top, but due to the high demand the wait to get on can take hours.  The bus is cheaper with less waiting, but the ride up the mountain can take about an hour.  Either option is not too appealing, but if it’s your first time in the city, this view is not to be missed.  

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Hotel Review: Marina Bay Sands


During our frequent travels around the world, we have stayed at both low end and high end hotels.  Often, we tend to stick to either Starwood or Hilton properties where we have the status and points.  Once in a while however, we do venture out of our comfort zone and stay at new places.  When we started planning the Singapore trip, I knew right away that I wanted to stay at the Marina Bay Sands, the hotel with the famous pool on the roof.

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5 Things to do in Singapore


Singapore, the most developed and urbanized country in Asia where “Where East meets West”.  This relatively new city-country is where a confluence of diverse cultures meet to create a truly unique place.

Singapore is very safe and easy to get around with its ultra modern subway system. Coupled with the fact that most Singaporeans speak English, its not hard to see why this country is often the top choice for people who have not been to Asia before. Here you can enjoy the same food and culture, minus the chaos and language barriers that exist with other Asian countries.  The only drawback is that the costs are significantly higher than the rest of Southeast Asia. Continue reading

Singapore: Garden by the Bay


Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay simply transport you to another world where nature and technology work seamlessly together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its visitors.  This billion-dollar sprawling waterfront garden spans over 101 hectares of reclaimed land, and features space-age bio-domes, giant cyborg trees, and countless flora from different environments and climates. Continue reading