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Our travel story usually begins with a cheap flight, and this one is no different.  A year ago, we saw a huge sale for flights from NYC to Singapore over the Labor Day weekend for only $550 USD.  Since we hadn’t been to Singapore before, and the timing worked out, we jumped at this opportunity. Once we started planning the trip, and realized that Kuala Lumpur was only a hop and a skip away, it made sense to combine the trips.


The two cities are different but similar in many aspects.  They are both modern cities with gleaming skyscrapers, but rooted in traditional customs .  Both cities are a melting pot of different cultures, cuisines, and architectural styles.  The interesting cultural mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Tamil, and Thai leaves both cities with a world-class food scene.  Singapore, an island city-state has reinvented itself as one of Southeast Asia’s most modern and dynamic cities.  Its excellent public transportation system, low crime rates and English speaking locals has made it a tourist destinations for a lot of travelers. Kuala Lumpur on the other hand is the capital city of Malaysia.  Compared to Singapore, this busy city is grittier and more chaotic, but that is part of the charm.  KL is also much cheaper compared to Singapore, where you can buy the same things for a fraction of the cost.  Both cities are filled with colorful ethnic neighborhoods that intrigue their visitors with its diversity and multicultural charm. Here is the cost breakdown of our trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to help you plan yours:


  • Time Cost
    • Total Days In Singapore: 4 days + 1 layover day in Tokyo
    • Total Days in Kuala Lumpur: 3 days
    • Total Days Off From Work: 4 days
  • Monetary Cost
    • Hotel: $1075+ 31,000 SPG points
    • Flights: $1,155  (NYC to Singapore) + $150 (Singapore to KL)
    • Transportation: $40 pp
    • Admission fees: $20 pp
    • Food: $25 pp per day (7 days)
    • Total Per Person: $1,450 + 31,000 SPG points


What I love most about both cities are the sharp contrasts – the smoky temples that exist in the shadow of the modern skyscrapers, the colonial buildings sitting side by side with the elegant architecture of the nearby mosque, and the newly developed condos surrounded by the lush gardens. There are a variety of things to do and see in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur whatever your interest may be.  In Singapore, you can take a stroll around the marina area, marvel at the futuristic Garden by the Bay, or shop until you drop at the boutique stores on Haiji Lane.  In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be dazzled by the Petronas Towers, awed by the 400 million year old Batu caves, and get your shopping on at the historic night markets.  In both places, you can eat like a king without breaking the bank.  To read more about our trip to Asia, click on the links below:



Kuala Lumpur



3 thoughts on “Trip Report: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

  1. Wow you really good a great flight deal for $550! Its funny because when we visited Singapore we also decided it was ano brainer to visit Malaysia as well! We only spent one night in Kuala Lumpur and went to Langkawi afterwords but it did look like a great city. But I really really loved Singapore! Maybe I am just biased because I had amaaazing vegan food there even vegan dumplings!

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    • I think if you have flexibility there are a lot of cheap flight options out there. I just saw a few to asia this winter for $400! That’s awesome about the vegan food, I know they are hard to find sometimes


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