Uluru: 24 Hours in the Outback

IMG_1339After a week at the beach, we were ready to head into the outback, to see Australia’s most recognizable natural landmark. Ayer’s Rock (Aboriginal name: Uluru) is a large sandstone rock formation rising out of the central Australian desert in the Northern Territories. The monolith has been around for millions of years and is considered sacred to the Anangu, the Aboriginal people in the area. Looking out the window as our plane descended, I could see Uluru dominating the red landscape in the distance.

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On the Road: Day 13 at Ayer’s Rock


We woke up early today to go to the base of Ayer’s rock for a short hike before heading to Melbourne for the final leg of our trip.  Every time we approach Uluru, we are still awestruck by how massive it is looming in the horizon.  Up close at the base, the rock rises up like a red mountain.  Surprisingly, there is a lot of green vegetation around for what is referred to as a desert.  Walking the path along the base of the rock, we learned about the history of the Aboriginal tribes that used to live in this area. Uluru was their sacred site, their livelihood and their shelter.