A Hidden Gem of British Columbia


If you want to truly experience a place, you need to ask the locals for their best kept secrets. In Powell River that secret is an abandoned quarry on the small nearby island of Texada. In the days of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, it’s hard to truly keep any place a ‘hidden gem’ for long, but that’s exactly what we set out to find.

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Photo of the Week: Ferry

IMG_3447Powell River, Canada

When my sister first suggested we travel to a small town 5 hours from Vancouver, I balked at the idea.  It just seemed like too much running around and not much time to relax.  But most of the journey was by ferry, and we got to see the beautiful British Columbia landscape from the water – prominently featuring rolling hills and snow capped mountains.  Check back next week for more posts from my trip to British Columbia.

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