Travel Tips: What to Pack for the Inca Trek

For our Inca Trek, we had a porter to help carry our stuff, however, there is a 6 kg weight limit on how much a porter is allowed to carry.  The limit includes the weight of the sleeping bag and air mattress, which will leave about 3 kg for personal stuff, and it all has to fit into a duffle bag. We had to balance between the weight limit and what we deemed absolutely necessary to bring for the whole trek. Anything extra would have to be carried in the day pack, but on the second day when you are climbing the steep mountain, you’ll be glad that you don’t have a 20 lbs bag on your back. Based on our experience, here are some tips on what to bring. This includes some of the tips that were given to us and some that we added from our experience.


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Travel Tips: Essentials for Flying

It’s that time again when we’re getting ready to go off on our next adventure. If you love to travel, it’s inevitable that you’ve been on a plane at some point in your life.  Not everyone has their own personal TARDIS and until teleportation become a real thing, we’ll all have to fly to our destinations. Long plane rides are the worst, especially if you’re cramped in a middle seat with little leg room.  I always bring a few things with me on the trip to ease the flying experience and help me feel like a human when I get to my destination.  Here is a list of my goodies:

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