Travel Tips: Essentials for Flying

It’s that time again when we’re getting ready to go off on our next adventure. If you love to travel, it’s inevitable that you’ve been on a plane at some point in your life.  Not everyone has their own personal TARDIS and until teleportation become a real thing, we’ll all have to fly to our destinations. Long plane rides are the worst, especially if you’re cramped in a middle seat with little leg room.  I always bring a few things with me on the trip to ease the flying experience and help me feel like a human when I get to my destination.  Here is a list of my goodies:


Pyjama.    I always carry an outfit to change into on the plane, especially if it’s an overnight flight (who wants to sleep in their jeans right?). Changing into your pyjama might sound silly, but on a 7+ hours flight, it will make a big difference. After the flight takes off, go into the toilet, and change into your comfortable clothes, sit back, relax and catch a movie before you drift off to sleep.

Walking Socks.  The high altitude and sitting for many hours straight can usually cause your feet to swell.  That’s why you want to bring a nice pair of socks to change into. This is similar to the pyjama idea, you want to be able to kick back and take off your shoes on a long flight.

Noise cancelling headphones.  These are great for listening to music or watching movies on the plane, but it’s especially helpful when there is a screaming baby across the aisle from you.  On one of our overnight flight from London to Dubai there was a baby that just would not stop crying. I felt so bad for the parents, because everyone on the plane was giving them the stink eye. I am a very difficult sleeper and any little noise will wake me up, so the headphones helped dull the screaming down to a whimper and I was able to get some shut-eye.

IMG_1521Face mask.  Ever since I discovered these in Korea, I cannot live without them. In Korea, they go for about 50 cents a piece but here in America, you can get them for about a buck. They are especially great to bring along because the high altitude and cabin air can make your face dull and dehydrated. Just be warned, while wearing the mask, you can look pretty scary to an unsuspecting person and might end up scaring a kid or two. It’ll be worth all the embarrassment at the end when your face is nice, soft and bright as you get off the plane.

Toner.  In the impossibly small sink on the plane, it can be challenging to wash your hands let alone your face. To solve this problem, I always bring along a small spray bottle of toner and cotton pads. Before the descend, I use the toner to clean my face to avoid the “plane face” that you get after sleeping in your seat.

Magazines. This is my guilty pleasure. Whenever I travel, I always stock up on a few magazines in case I get bored on the plane. Normally I prefer to read books, but when flying I personally find that magazines are easier to digest.  


Essentials in my carry-on

Hopefully these suggestions help make your next flight a little more enjoyable. Comment below and share what you love to bring on the a long flight.  Check back here for more travel tips as we get ready for our trip to San Francisco then Peru.


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