Photo of the Week: Autumn

IMG_8613 New York, USA

What  a difference a week makes!  Last week I was still wearing shorts and tank tops, walking around the city, complaining about the heat.  This week, a cold front officially moved in heralding the arrival of Fall.  Although it’s hard to tell by looking at the green leaves on the trees, I guess they didn’t get the memo.  I have mixed feelings when it comes to Fall.  It’s true that the heat has dissipated and it’s finally bearable to walk around the city again.  The park is gorgeous this time of year in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow.   The part that I don’t like so much is the progressively shorter days and the eminent threat of freezing weather around the corner.  Here’s to hoping that Fall lasts a little longer this year.

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Autumn in New York


Growing up, I did not like Fall.  It signaled the end of summer and the start of a new school year.  It also signaled the end of warm weather and the start of snow and frost.  Even as an adult, I was not fond of this transitional season.  With daylight savings time in effect, the days get shorter and shorter, and before you know it, it’s dark out most of the time.  It’s not until I moved to New York that I learned to embrace Fall.  If you’ve ever visited the city in the summer, you know it’s a sweltering hot mess.  The humidity and the heat make most of New England almost unbearable, but in the city, it’s an incubator for all the horrible smells that just cling to you.  In August, when the smell of urine and garbage get to their most unpleasant point, you become happy to embrace the cold brisk air that ushers in the Fall season.

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