Autumn in New York


Growing up, I did not like Fall.  It signaled the end of summer and the start of a new school year.  It also signaled the end of warm weather and the start of snow and frost.  Even as an adult, I was not fond of this transitional season.  With daylight savings time in effect, the days get shorter and shorter, and before you know it, it’s dark out most of the time.  It’s not until I moved to New York that I learned to embrace Fall.  If you’ve ever visited the city in the summer, you know it’s a sweltering hot mess.  The humidity and the heat make most of New England almost unbearable, but in the city, it’s an incubator for all the horrible smells that just cling to you.  In August, when the smell of urine and garbage get to their most unpleasant point, you become happy to embrace the cold brisk air that ushers in the Fall season.

Usually Fall is pretty short lived and you are lucky if you get about a month of cool weather before the frosty winter descends and brings with it a wet slushy mess.  This year however, the weather has been hovering in the 50s and 60s and there have even been a few days of unseasonably warm weather.  The drawback of the warmer weather is that it takes longer for the leaves to change colors.  Wandering around Central Park and taking pictures of colorful foliage is my favorite thing to do in the Autumn.  So finally, well into November the leaves are starting to change color.  Here are some of my favorite fall pictures in the city.



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