Louisiana: Down in the Bayou

It’s a different world down in Louisiana. Driving outside of the city of New Orleans you notice a different landscape where everything is a bit wetter. There is vast marshland with meandering streams leading deep into the swamps, and dotted along the water are houses built on stilts that are as much a part of the bayou as the wildlife.

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Photo of the Week: The Bayou

IMG_5386New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Last weekend my parents visited me and we made a little trip down to New Orleans. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the Honey Island swamp; winding through the waterways deep into the bayou where the majestic cypress trees covered in Spanish moss grow over the green velvety water. The sun rays shining through the moss covered branches created a beautiful lazy landscape, reminiscent of the scene from The Notebook.

This is one of the most truly unique places that I’ve ever seen. Stay tune for more posts from our trip down South.

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