Day Trip to Kutná Hora


Kutná Hora, a  popular daytrip destination from Prague, was once a grand old city.  Thanks to its bountiful silver mine, the city became the financial center of Bohemia and the site of the Royal Mint in the 14th century.  However, when the silver ore ran dry, the city faded into history.  Now it is more known for its architectural jewels like the unique Gothic cathedral and the interesting ‘bone church.

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Day 8: On the Road to Kutna Hora


A short train ride from Prague is the small town of Kutna Hora where you will find the Sedlec Ossuary, more commonly known as the Bone Chapel.  Inside the church, bones and skulls have been made into all kinds of things, from chandeliers to coat of arms.  These bones came from the victims of the Black Death who were buried, then later exhumed and stacked in the chapel.