Day 3: On the Road in Inle


Today we headed north to Inle Lake, an area full of small fishing villages. While visiting one of the villages on the lake, we saw a procession of children.  School had just let out and they walked across the bridge to the dock where they waited to be picked up by boat to go home.  Like children everywhere, these kids were quite happy to be done with school for the day.

Photo of the Week: Watercolor

Antalya (21)Antalya, Turkey

Towards the end of our whirlwind trip around Turkey seven years ago, we visited the coastal city of Antalya, situated on western Mediterranean shore. The ancient city wraps around the harbor of the Gulf of Antalya. When the sun sets over the hazy blue mountain, it creates a breathtaking silhouette.  I was lucky to be able to capture this special moment.  From the cliff-top, the view looks like a watercolor painting.

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Day 2: On the Road in Rio


This morning we woke up to more rain and clouds.  Since we weren’t able to go to the beach, we decided to head over to Parque Lage, a public park area that sits at the foot of the Corcovado in the shadow of Christ the Redeemer above .  Inside this preserved tropical forest is a quiet English garden and an old palazzo, built by Henrique Lage  for his wife.  This impressive mansion was later turned into a public area where you can sit and have lunch in the courtyard while enjoying the view.