Planning Myanmar


[photo credit: Wikipedia]

“Why are you going to Myanmar?…  Wait, where is Myanmar?”  I think those might be the two most common questions I’ve gotten each time I’ve told someone we’re going to Myanmar.  Our response is always some combination of: “It’s near Thailand, and well, why not?”  If you’ve ever searched for pictures of Bagan on Google, you’d know right away why we were drawn to Myanmar.  The country looks beautiful, it is in Southeast Asia, there is a rich cultural history to explore, and until a few years ago, it wasn’t even possible to enter the country. All the reasons that would make for a great trip. We’ve been pretty excited for this trip, so much so that I’ve even managed to pull myself away from work for a whole two weeks! Continue reading

Random Thoughts: Countdown

Yikes!  Just saw my Inca Trail countdown goes from months to days…Need to step up my preparation. The UA Base 4.0 cold gear have arrived, I tried them on and they fit! Although, I have to say, they are not as warm as I thought they would be for something that’s advertised as “built to take on even the most brutal cold”. I hope I am wrong and these will hold up at night. I don’t look forward to freezing in my sleep.

Preparing for Our First Trek

In one short month we will be embarking on our first ever trek to Machu Picchu. Fausto, of course wanted to do the 4 days hike on the Inca road, traversing the well-worn path that leads to the ancient city. I on the other hand have many misgivings. We don’t camp or hike or embrace nature in general (unless you count walking around Central Park on the weekend). We are definitely city folks, so this feels like going from beginners to experts to me.

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