Winter Storm


This week Juno came to town.  There were predictions that it was gearing up to be one of the worst blizzards in New York City history, anticipating up to 3 feet of snow.  Understandably people went crazy – raided grocery and liquor stores, and got ready to hunker down in their apartment for a few days.  Monday came around and the city got blanketed by a layer of snow, but nothing record breaking.  In anticipation of the storm, everything from the subway to the public schools shut down. Kids and adults rejoiced, it was a snow day.  By mid-afternoon, the snow had stopped and the blizzard of the decade was a mere 6 inches of snow.  Continue reading


Photo of the Week: Storm Front

IMG_8912Manhattan, New York

This familiar photo from our cover page was taken from the living room of our old apartment.  I was working from home that day.  The storm front was rolling in from New Jersey, the wind was picking up, so what do I do?  Grab my camera of course. I pulled open the window (no screens!), leaned out and started snapping away.  I like this picture because it looks so surreal over the Manhattan skyline. Very ominous.

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