Winter Storm


This week Juno came to town.  There were predictions that it was gearing up to be one of the worst blizzards in New York City history, anticipating up to 3 feet of snow.  Understandably people went crazy – raided grocery and liquor stores, and got ready to hunker down in their apartment for a few days.  Monday came around and the city got blanketed by a layer of snow, but nothing record breaking.  In anticipation of the storm, everything from the subway to the public schools shut down. Kids and adults rejoiced, it was a snow day.  By mid-afternoon, the snow had stopped and the blizzard of the decade was a mere 6 inches of snow. 


Even though it was not the 3 feet of snow forecasted, it was enough to blanket the city, softening up its hard edges and making New York beautiful. The slushy mess didn’t stop people from heading to the nearest park, conditions were perfect to frolic in the snow. Every hill in Central Park was turned into a makeshift luge track, with kids gliding down on their sleds. Juno didn’t shut down the city, it just turned it into a winter wonderland for a day.


I am not really a winter person myself.  I don’t ski (there is a funny story there, but that’s for another time) or snowboard or do anything winter related.  I hate having to wear 3 layers of clothes every time I go outside. I love warm weather, sunshine and beaches. So when winter comes around, I make like a bear and hibernate inside my apartment for as long as I can. This week, I was determined to go out and take some pictures of this ‘epic’ storm.  So when the snow stopped, I dug out my extreme weather Under Armor gear from our Peru hike last year, threw on 2 hats and headed out the door. Here are some of the photos taken in the aftermath of the winter blizzard that never was.



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