Photo of the Week: Beach Front

IMG_2566Nungwi, Zanzibar

This was the scene during our morning walks on the beach of Nungwi, a small fishing village in the north of Zanzibar.  White sandy beaches, clear blue water, and swaying palm trees made up the idyllic scenery.  From the shore, you can see the Dhow – traditional fishing boats, getting some much needed repair before they head out to sea again.

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Zanzibar: Beach Life


If you want to get away from the stress of every day life and relax, head to Zanzibar – one of the most picturesque places on the planet. The island located off the east coast of Tanzania was once a major center of trade, that has turned into a vacationer’s dream paradise. Imagine soft white sand beaches that stretch on for miles and turquoise blue water so clear that you can see all the way to the bottom.   The air is warm and rich with local spices grown here in abundance.  The island invites people to its shores and keeps them longing to return again.

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Stuck in Africa…Almost


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When you travel there is always the possibility of delays and flight cancellations.  That’s part of the “experience”.  Somehow, it seems to happen to us quite a bit. On our last night in Stone Town as we were weaving our way through the markets, Fausto got an alert that our 5:45 am flight on Kenya Airways was cancelled. We had 2 tight connections to get home, so a cancelled flight would mean that we’d miss all of our other flights; and that was no good since we both had to be back at work Tuesday morning.  What was a great vacation turned into a bit of a nightmare as we scrambled to find a way home. Continue reading

Day 10: On the Road in Stone Town


Our last day on the road, we stopped in Stone town, a once sleepy beach town turned into a major port city for East Africa. Goods flow through here from Asia and the Middle East before traveling off to other cities. This port city also has a sordid history.  Hundreds of years ago, this was hub of the slave market where traders came from all over the world to trade in human flesh.

All of that is long gone, and now as you walk around the city, all you’ll notice is the intricate wood carved doors. Zanzibar is known for their beautifully elaborate woodwork designs.

Day 7: On the Road in Zanzibar


Today we left the dusty safari and headed to Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. Near our hotel is a small fishing village where the local fishermen go out on their dhow every night and come back early in the morning with their catch.  As they get closer to shore, the sail is lowered as they prepare to unload their fish to be sold at the nearby fish market.