Stuck in Africa…Almost


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When you travel there is always the possibility of delays and flight cancellations.  That’s part of the “experience”.  Somehow, it seems to happen to us quite a bit. On our last night in Stone Town as we were weaving our way through the markets, Fausto got an alert that our 5:45 am flight on Kenya Airways was cancelled. We had 2 tight connections to get home, so a cancelled flight would mean that we’d miss all of our other flights; and that was no good since we both had to be back at work Tuesday morning.  What was a great vacation turned into a bit of a nightmare as we scrambled to find a way home.

We raced back to the hotel, trying to figure out what to do.  Since we have no status with the Kenya Airways, we had to rely on Orbitz to sort through the problem, and it was starting to feel a bit like deja vu.


We were transferred from department to department at Orbitz as they tried to provide us “superior travel service”. First they verified that the flight was cancelled, which took 15 minutes. Then they called KLM to reschedule the flight.  It turned out there was another flight leaving early that morning that would allow us to make our connection, so they followed up with Kenya Airways customer service to verify the new flight was actually flying out of Zanzibar.

We listened to some ‘calming’ elevator music as we waited.

The problem with trying to call from a third-world country is that our phone kept getting disconnected because of the shitty internet. Each time, however, the Orbitz representative called us back. We spent 2 hours holed up in our hotel trying to figure out the mess.  After all the hassle, we found out that Kenya Airways was only changing the flight number and NOTHING was actually cancelled. *sigh* So after 2 hours, we learned that Orbitz DOES have good customer service.  They stayed on the call with us until everything was resolved.

Lesson of the Day: Don’t freak out when you get a flight cancellation alert, at least not right away. Don’t be a drama queen like me.


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