On the Road

It’s been pretty quiet on lifeafter9to5 because we’ve been on the road.  Last week we went to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park and just got back yesterday.  I thought I was going to have time to write a post or two about our adventures on the West Coast, but things got a little crazy.  So between work and little sleep, I have not had time to do anything.

Last night, after our red-eye from SF we were so tired, we both passed out at 8 pm EST and slept for 12 hours.  Now we are scrambling to get all our stuff together and pack for Peru, because we are flying to Lima tonight. You read that right, we are home for a day and flying off again. Timing is tight, but hopefully hiking in Yosemite gave us some ideas of what we need for our trek on the Inca Trail. We will be in Peru for a week and be back on July 4th weekend.

In the mean time, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@lifeafter9to5) to see pictures of our trips.  Cheers!


Me climbing up a steep hill in San Francisco


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