Photo of the Week: Fireworks


July 4th in New York

I thought this is an appropriate photo for this week.  This picture was taken from our apartment window on July 4th a few years ago.  We just moved to New York and it was the first year the Macy’s annual firework show was moved from the East River to the Hudson River.  It was serendipitous that we got to witness this momentous show from our apartment.  We set up the tripod, opened our window wide, and leaned back with some beer and Bonchon wings to enjoy the show.  Happy Canada Day and July Fourth to all our North American friends.  

Every Monday of each week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home. This picture was scheduled for this week because we are currently hiking up the Inca Trail!  Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the ‘Follow’ button.


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