Photo of the Week: Stepping Stones

IMG_5334Giant’s Causeway, United Kingdom

This picture was taken in Northern Ireland at the Giant’s Causeway. After reading many books about this country, I was very excited when we finally made it here.  This small island is filled with so many natural wonders. This particular World Heritage Site has a legend that the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant. The story goes that the Irish giant Finn MacCool was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner. Finn accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet. Each column has anywhere from 4 to 8 sides.

Every Monday of each week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home.  Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the ‘Follow’ button.


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