My New York: Summer Streets


Everyone came out for Summer Streets

I need to take a break from writing about Peru, so it’s time for another New York post. There are many positives and negatives about living in the city.  On one hand, the summer can be unbearable with the oppressive heat. On the other hand, there are plenty of free summer activities to choose from, ranging from free  movies by the waterfront to free concerts in the park.  When we are around on the weekend, we try to make the most of it.


Rollin’ up Park Ave.

This past weekend, we got up early and went to check out Summer Streets. Every year New York City close down Park Avenue for 5 hours every Saturday in the month of August.  It was a gorgeous day so everyone was out on the street bike riding, running, or just taking a nice stroll.  Along the way, there are multiple rest stops where you can  rest, hydrate and check out some free activities.  You can zip line across the court house, scale a rock wall near Soho, or stop in for free refreshments at the Whole Foods picnic area. Unfortunately, like everything else here, you have to get to the activities early to beat the lines.


Ziplining in the concrete jungle


Rest and free conversation


Scaling rock wall in Soho

One of the highlights of Summer Streets is the Park Avenue tunnel.  This year’s art installation, “Dive” was brought to  you by Norwegian artist Jana Winderen.  As you entered the tunnel near 33rd street, you are immersed in the sounds and feel of the ocean. The light effects creates an earie feeling in the dark tunnel and makes you feel like you are walking under the sea. The shadows cast by people walking past gives the impression of a large sea creature gliding across the ocean floor.  As you emerge from the dark passage, you walk up the Grand Central overpass and see the beautiful statue of Mercury with the Met building as the backdrop. Here are some photos I took of the tunnel.


Shadows gliding across the walls of the tunnel creating an eerie effect


Ocean in the tunnel


Fausto lit up


This looks like people are emerging from a post-apocalyptic world into the light.

IMG_4410  IMG_4364

It was a great day that reminds me why I love spending the summer in the city.  Riding up the wide avenue was very liberating. Very rarely do I take my bike onto the streets of New York, usually I just stick to the Hudson River bike path.  Summer Streets will be around for another weekend, it’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the city.

IMG_4402   IMG_20140809_122115624


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