Toronto: Graffiti


Graffiti Alley in Toronto

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile (thanks for following!), you’ll see me periodically post pictures of graffiti art.  I’ve always liked art, but my love affair with street art didn’t start until I moved to New York.  To me, urban art is unexpected and sometimes quite beautiful.  On my short trip to Toronto, I made it a point to visit the widely known Graffiti Alley in the hip Queens Street West neighborhood.   In Toronto, programs such as Street ART Toronto encourage and promote street arts as a way to add character and pizzazz to the neighborhood.

Graffiti is 100% legal in Toronto, so there is a ton of street art throughout the city.  The graffiti featured in this post can be found at Graffiti Alley and Kensington Market.  Graffiti Alley, also known as Rush Lane is a half mile passageway filled with exploding color and art work from street artists from around the world.  The alley is discretely located in the fashion district, off of Spadina Ave running west to Portland St.  Kensington Market is a off-beat neighborhood with many colorful storefronts and murals that tell stories of its diverse multicultural heritage. Here are some of favorite street art photos from my visit to Toronto:



Octopus taco, found in Kensington market.

IMG_6839   IMG_6886



Colorful garage door


Disposed artwork in the alley

IMG_6938   IMG_6931



Under the sea mural by Uber 5000, a local Toronto street artist, found in Graffiti Alley

IMG_6986   IMG_6972IMG_6975IMG_6968

I can spend endless hours wandering the streets taking pictures of these vibrant murals. I like to find beautiful things in unexpected places. For me, art doesn’t have to be confined to galleries and museums, but should be accessible to everyone. Interestingly, after I came back from Toronto, I saw an article in Vogue featuring Queen street West as the second coolest neighborhood in the world,highlighting the artwork from Graffiti Alley. With the help of artists like Banksy, graffiti art has gained more prominence and popularity.  I envision a future where I walk down the street and see striking artwork on the walls of many buildings. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below and let me know where your favorite street art is.


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