Photo of the Week: Rays

Cappadocia (42)Sultanhani, Turkey

On our tour around Turkey, we stopped by the Sultanhani Caravanserai, one of the finest caravanserais of its kind.  It was built by the sultans in the 1200s and has been preserved to this day. Prominently located on the main trade route through Turkey, it was an important stop for traders and travellers. Weary merchants of the Middle Ages would stop in to eat and rest before continuing on their journey from Asia to Europe.

Inside, there is a prominent courtyard surrounded by rooms. The caravanserais are built like fortresses, with walls constructed from volcanic rocks. The sturdy designs have kept them preserved for many centuries.

During our visit, we stopped here for lunch and got to explore the many rooms inside the caravanserai, most of which are empty now.  In one of these unoccupied darken hallways, we saw these beautiful rays of light filtering through the small window openings at the top.

Every Monday of each week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home.  Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the ‘Follow’ button.


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