6 Things to Do in Porto


Porto was love at first sight for me, and even spring showers did not make the city any less beautiful.  Everything from the lively riverfront, to the quirky street art, to the colorful azulejos made me smile.  I loved wandering down old alleyways and looking up at charming apartments that were just a little rundown.  I loved relaxing on the bench at Jardim do Palácio de Cristal, taking in the sunshine and the view.  I loved sitting in the rickety tram, watching seagulls soar over the Atlantic and breathing in the bracing ocean air. There are many things to do in Porto, most of which are free:

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Porto: Self Guided Walking Tour

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I have to admit, Porto was not high on my list of places to visit. I actually only came based on my sister’s recommendation, but in the end I couldn’t have been happier with that decision. I’ve  traveled to many cities around the world and indiscriminately loved them all, but there are few that hold on to my heart just a little bit longer, and Porto is one of them. It’s not flashy, but it doesn’t need to be and it exudes a quiet old-world charm and laid back vibe that some of the other cities lack.  

Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal, known for its Port wines. Portugal’s second-largest city comes with all the history and allure of Lisbon but minus the crowds, congestion, and price-gouging.   Not having gained the notoriety of other more well known European cities, it’s not as expensive as Paris or London, and it’s not as filled with tourists as Prague. 

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Trip Report: Austria

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What started as a cheap flight booked on a whim turned into a great trip to Austria. Austria has a little bit of everything, from the spectacular pristine landscape to a bustling city rich with history and culture.  Vienna transports you to another time and place where you get to immerse yourself in a different era. During its peak, Vienna was the epicenter of a grand empire, where Mozart and many other notable musical prodigies called home.  Today, this metropolis continue to thrive, integrating contemporary designs and historic buildings. This trip report summarizes all the blog posts related to our trip to Austria and provides a break down of the cost.

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