Cheap Flight Alert: NYC to Multiple Destinations

If you are looking to go to Europe and/or Asia for cheap, check out Priceline right now. Due to a pricing mistake (yay us!), Priceline is showing fares from New York to Milan and Prague to Tokyo for $237. Or if you so incline, you can switch out Tokyo for Bangkok for $359. These are multi-city fares and were priced out today around 10:30 am and they still work. Multiple dates and cities are available, but you have to be persistent and flexible as you play around with the different combinations.


The BIG drawback is this airfare is an open jaw (you fly into one city, i.e Milan, and fly out of another city, i.e. Prague), one way only flight. This means that you’ll have to get yourself from one city in Europe to another. This should not be a big problem, usually you can find cheap flights within Europe. I looked on Priceline and a one-way flight from Milan to Prague is about $70-$100.  The real issue is getting yourself back from Asia. Now, if you have some airline miles lying around, this might not be too bad. American Airline have a lot of award tickets from Asia released.

If a multi-continental trip is too long for you, consider buying the ticket anyway and take the NY to Milan leg only.  A $237 one way ticket to Milan in early fall is not a bad price.  Besides, doesn’t everyone say that it’s the best time to be in Europe? The problem with this again, is finding your way home after. One way tickets back to the US are very expensive, but if you have airline miles, it would take less miles to fly home from Europe vs Asia.

As much as I want to jump on this opportunity to travel on the cheap, it’s pretty hard to find 2 weeks holiday this year (one of the drawbacks of part-time traveling). This is a good opportunity if you have some time on your hand or if you are planning on an open-ended stay in either Asia or Europe.

Good luck planning and drop me a comment to let me know how you fare. Please click on follow if you want to get more alerts. Happy travel.


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