Cheap Flight Alert: NYC to Moscow

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A few days ago, I saw a deal for flight from NYC to Moscow and dismissed it out of hand because Russia was not on the top of our travel list this year.  After thinking about it some more, I’ve gradually come around to the idea, given how strong the dollar is performing against the Russian Ruble.  Delta is currently offering direct flights from NYC to Moscow for $373, including all taxes and fees. 

To find this fare, go to the Delta website and enter the airport code for New York (NYC) and Moscow (SVO).  Pick the dates that you want, but also select ‘Flexible Days’ option so they can show you the cheapest fares available.  Then click the ‘Find Flights’ button which will take you to a screen that displays flights and prices for a whole week around the date that you’ve selected.  As you can see there is lots of availability throughout March and April. 2015-03-14 15-56-11

Currently, the exchange rate is 1 USD to 62 RUB, the highest it’s been in the last five years.  Not only will the flight be cheaper, but hotels and food will also cost less due to the great exchange rate.  So if you’ve been dying to see the Kremlin, walk along the cobblestone roads in the Red Square, and feast your eyes on the famous St. Basil’s cathedral, now is a great time. 


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