Cheap Flight Alert: Newark to Ho Chi Minh City 2015-06-24 21-51-43

United is having a huge sale for flights going from most East coast cities to Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.  For about $600 including taxes and fees, you’ll get a round trip ticket to Asia, that’s a pretty unbeatable deal!  The dates are mostly for late summer to early fall, which is when you’d want to be in Southeast Asia anyways – to skip out on the sweltering heat.

Ho Chi Minh is my hometown and I grew up there, so I always welcome an opportunity to go back.  Plus the food is amazing, so that’s a bonus.  When I saw these prices, I was very excited, so if you’re looking to visit Asia this fall, reserve your tickets now before they are all gone. Just a reminder – United does allow you to cancel within 24 hours without any penalties. When you put in the date of your flight, make sure you select the ‘flexible date’ option to give you a better chance of finding the cheaper tickets.  Book your ticket and look forward to a steaming bowl of pho on the other side of the world.



Cheap Flight Alert: NYC to Moscow

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A few days ago, I saw a deal for flight from NYC to Moscow and dismissed it out of hand because Russia was not on the top of our travel list this year.  After thinking about it some more, I’ve gradually come around to the idea, given how strong the dollar is performing against the Russian Ruble.  Delta is currently offering direct flights from NYC to Moscow for $373, including all taxes and fees.  Continue reading

Error Fare to Rio de Janeiro

It was 11 o’clock on Thursday night, we were in bed, hunched over our computer, frantically searching for the cheap airfare to Rio de Janeiro.  Earlier that night, my sister messaged us and told us to check out the cheap flights from Toronto, Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for less than $400 on American Airlines.  This is obviously an error fare, the question is whether or not American Airlines would honor it.  Tickets were flying off the shelf at an alarming rate so you had to act fast. In fact the deal was dead by 10 am the next morning.  Usually when we find great airfare deals, we will try to share it on our Facebook page or on our blog. Continue reading

Cheap Flight Alert: Multiple Cities to Miami

If you are looking to get away from the cold this winter and party it up in Miami, you’re in luck.  Frontier Airline will add a new flight path from multiple cities to Miami.  The one way direct flight from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia to Miami starts at $73, including all taxes and fees. This is a very competitive price as they try to grab market share from American Airlines.  Continue reading

Cheap Flight Alert: Toronto to Singapore

Just saw another deal to Asia, this time going from Toronto to Singapore.  This one won’t last long and availability is pretty limited. Some flights can be booked as American Airlines codeshares (meaning: you can earn full AA elite qualifying miles as long as you book them with AA flight numbers). These flights go from Toronto through ORD (Chicago) or JFK (New York). Then you transfer onto Cathay Pacific all the way to Singapore. If you’ve never flown on Cathay Pacific, you don’t know what you’re missing! Other airlines like United and Delta are also matching these reduced rates.  These fare war are great for us travelers. Continue reading

Cheap Flight Alert: NYC to Hong Kong


Overlooking Victoria harbor from Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

It’s that time of year again when people are looking to do their mileage run to build up their status for the following year. We did this last year by flying to Japan and South Korea on the Thanksgiving weekend. When you are doing something like this, you want to look for long flights, preferably to Asia or Africa with low airfares. Basically getting the most miles for your money. Continue reading