Whitsundays: Whitehaven Beach


Close your eyes and imagine a tropical paradise. With fine white sand and clear blue water as far as the eye can see, Whitehaven is probably as close to paradise as you can get. I’ve been to my share of beautiful beaches, but nothing holds a candle to Whitehaven.  It’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the world’s most unspoiled and beautiful beaches.  The area is uninhabited and can only be accessed by boat or helicopter from the surrounding islands.


During our day trip to the world-famous Whitehaven beach, we hiked up the top of the northern end of the beach to one of the most picturesque spots in the Whitsundays.  From the lookout point, you can look across the Hill Inlet and get an aerial view of the 7 km stretch of beach below. It’s easy to see why this is one of the world’s most photographed landscapes.   From above, the calm turquoise blue water almost looks like soft layers of velvet.  The shifting sands create swirls of color in the water, that from far above make photographs vivid yet surreal.


After the short hike, we walked down to the other side of the hill to the more secluded Betty’s Beach, at the tip of Hill Inlet.  The view from the bottom was even more stunning. The powdery sand is so white, it’s almost blinding.  Unlike regular sand, the sand on Whitehaven consists of 98% pure silica, which gives it a brilliant, luminescent color. The water is so clear and calm so you can see right down to the bottom.  Once in awhile you’ll see a school of fish casually glide by, undaunted by the people frolicking in the water.  The brilliant blue colors are a reflection of the nearly cloudless sky.  The sun was beating down on us that day, but in the water, the temperature was perfect.  Floating in the water with the gentle waves, it was hard to imagine that I would want to be anywhere but here.


Interesting Facts:

  • The sand is very fine and can damage your electronic equipment, such as phones and cameras, so make sure you keep them covered.
  • During the summer months in Australia (December-April), marine stingers are known to inhabit the waters of Queensland.  These small but venomous jelly fish are hard to detect, and can cause serious pain if stung.  Even a place as perfect as this can have a few drawbacks.

Information Round-up:

Half day tour: Adult – $129 AUD



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