Trip Report: Australia 2015-06-24 17-30-07

Australia is a country synonymous with endless sunshine, a laid-back lifestyle, and iconic scenery.  Its natural splendor captivates visitors with promises of grand adventures and its multicultural cities are bursting with a vibrant, youthful energy.  From the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef to the man-made Sydney Opera house, there was lots to do and see. It’s no wonder this country is one of the most popular travel destinations. Here is the cost breakdown of our trip to Australia:

  • Time Cost
    • Total Days In Australia: 16 days  – 5 in Sydney, 4 in Whitsundsays, 2 in Port Douglas, 1 in Uluru, 4 in Melbourne
    • Total Days Off From Work: 10 days
  • Monetary Cost
    • Hotel: $740 + 21,000 SPG points per person (we had 4 people in a room, so the hotel cost is lower)
    • Flight: $29 + 150,000 pts for 1st class flight to Australia, $100 + 37,500 pts for flight from Australia, $380 + 25,000 pts for domestic flights
    • Food: $75 per person (pp) per day
    • Transportation: $75 pp for car rentals
    • Miscellaneous: $600 pp for admissions and excursions
  • Total Per Person: $3,000 + 21,000 SPG points + 152,500 AA  points


Australia is very far, more than 20 hours of flying from New York, so when we were planning our trip we knew that we wanted to see as much of this lovely country as we can.  Our 2.5 weeks there were amazing, we fell in love with everything, from the friendly people to the amazing food to the beautiful beaches and even the teeny weeny watermelons, which were hands down the best watermelons I’ve ever had. There was so much to share, it took me over 6 months to finally finish all my posts. To read more about our trip to Australia, click on the links below.



  • First step, start the planning process, the earlier the better.
  • Check to see if you need a visitor visa, again do this early in case the visa takes longer to be approved.
  • Packing, my favorite part of the trip *eye roll*
  • Usually twenty hours of flying sucks, but this time we got to fly first class, so it was awesome.







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