Photo of the Week: Stone Face

IMG_4352Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Thom, also known as the “Great City” was the last capital of the Khmer empire.  The city was founded by Jayavarman VII, one of Angkor’s greatest kings who came to power in 1181 AD, ruling his city of over a million people. The spectacular Bayon temple was built at the heart of the ancient capital as the official Buddhist temple.

Pictured above are the distinctive stone faces atop the towers of the temple.  The serene smiling face of the bodhisattva faces outward, keeping a sharp watch at each compass point. After almost a thousand years, these stone carvings are still awe-inspiring to look at.

Every Monday of each week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home. Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the ‘Follow’ button.


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