Photo of the Week: Concrete Forest

IMG_9355Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia is the crown jewel of Barcelona and one of Gaudi’s most famous works; yet it’s been under construction on and off since 1882 and still not complete.  The towering pillars rising up to the vaulted ceiling reflect the colorful lights from the stained glass windows and reminds me of the mottled effect of sunlight pouring through thick branches. Gaudi is well known for his organic style of architecture, drawing inspiration from nature, so it’s not far-fetched to enter the cathedral and imagine yourself walking amongst a concrete forest. This is one of my all time favorite cathedrals. 

Every week, I’ll share a photo with you from my adventures around the world and at home.  Most of my photos have little or no post processing.  If you would like to see more, please click the Follow button.


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