Florida: Hollywood


Usually, by this time of the year, we’ve already visited a few countries, so our friends and family found it surprising when we told them we still had no travel plans.  We have been busy with our 9-5 jobs (yes we still have those) in the first half of 2017 and have not had time to really plan, let alone go anywhere.  When June rolled around, I felt like we were overdue for another trip, especially one with a lot of R&R at the beach.
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Eating in New Zealand


One of my all time favorite things about travelling is the food!  I am always excited to try exciting new flavors, cuisine, and fresh local produce. New Zealand is not only known for their unbelievable natural scenery, Lord of the Ring movies, and a massive population of sheep, but also their amazing food.  Their cuisine is an interesting mix of Polynesian, Asian, and European flavors.

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Eating in Kuala Lumpur


In Kuala Lumpur, we continued our eating streak, fitting in 4-5 meals a day. I’m not kidding. We started early in the morning each day, and we ate all the way until night, and repeat. It’s probably a good thing that KL is a big place and we got to walk around between meals to help digest the food.

When it comes to eating out, there is a great variety of cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, all for very affordable prices. The food reflects the ethnic mix of the local population with a vibrant mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian with influences from across South East Asia. Malaysia is known for its love of rich flavors and generous use of spices and ingredients such as coconut milk, lemon grass, kaffir lime, tamarind, ginger and galangal. When it comes to spices, few foods illustrate this as well as the national dish – Laksa. Continue reading

Eating in Lisbon


To me, eating is the best way to appreciate and explore a new country and culture.  It is always the favorite part of my trips – and the most memorable.  A good dish is something that I will remember for the rest of my life when memories of the city long fade into the cobwebs of my mind.  Portugal has fast become my favorite European country for food.  As you know, I had a really positive experience eating in Porto and couldn’t wait to try the cuisine in Lisbon.  Continue reading

Eating in Porto


A long drawn out dinner filled with good cheap wine and hearty food was our experience while eating in Porto, a city that is about so much more than port wine. The dining scene in Porto has evolved over the years to become the next food destination of Europe.  The unpretentious authentic northern Portuguese cuisine revolves around fresh local produce with delicacies such as francesinhas, sardinhas, and bacalhau taking center stage.  We had many memorable dishes from a cheesy, oozy sandwich to freshly grilled fish. Here are a few of the restaurants we’ve visited during our stay in Porto: Continue reading

Eating in Mandalay


Since Burma was quite insulated until recently, Burmese food has not had a chance to spread to other parts of the world.  Like most people, we had not tried Burmese food before setting foot in Myanmar.  In fact, we’re still hard pressed to find an authentic Burmese restaurant in New York, our melting pot city.  Our journey around the country was also a culinary learning experience.  While there are some similarities and influences derived from other Asian cuisines, some dishes we tried were quite unique and like nothing we have had before.   Similar to what we found in Yangon, food in Mandalay is both delicious and inexpensive, two of my favorite things. In fact, this is where we had some of the best and most memorable food of the trip. Continue reading

Eating in Yangon


Every time we travel out of the country, we get the same warning from our doctor: do not partake in street food.  Each and every single time, we chose to ignore that advice because to me, eating street food is half the fun of travel.  It’s where you get to try the most authentic local cuisine that also just happens to be super affordable.  That’s exactly what we did in Yangon.  Our motto was: forget the pizza and hamburgers (not that there are a lot McDonalds there),  jump in and try something that you won’t be able to get at home. Continue reading

Eating in Prague


Many people are drawn to Prague for its incredible history, magnificent spires, and old-world charm, but you don’t often hear about Czech cuisine.   There are a lot of great eating options in this beautiful city: from traditional fares, to home-cooked staples, to tempting street food; there is a deep-rooted culinary tradition inspired by classic dishes from the nearby countries of Germany, Poland, and Austria.  Prague’s classic dish is usually a large platter of meat (did I mention that there are A LOT of meat?), bread, sauerkraut, and of course beer to wash it all down.  Luckily, their world-famous golden lager is usually cheaper than water. Whether you’re dining on the street or on a hill terrace, the food remains highly affordable by North American standards. Here are a few places to eat in Prague:

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Eating in Berlin


Germany is a country known for its food — from massive schnitzel to juicy currywursts to giant steins of beer. That was what I had expected to eat for the entirety of my trip to Berlin, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that this German capital is a full-fledged culinary metropolis with amazing diverse food from all over the world.  Shows how much I know!  It’s true that these are not your typical “German food” places, but Berlin has become an international city, and its food reflects that status. It’s going to be a long post, so let’s get started.  Here are a few of my favorite places to eat in Berlin: Continue reading